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With the demand for high quality goods from the UK manufacturing sector increasing to new levels, the use of full field 3D scan data is key to improving processes and product design in a wide range of manufacturing applications.

Our portable 3D scanners can be used to quickly provide highly accurate scan data, making it possible to highlight deviations and make corrections during the manufacturing process. The non-contact scanners can be easily used on, or at the production line for instant inspection and quality testing. The dual laser mode makes the scanners capable of capturing highly detailed data, up to an accuracy of 0.02mm and can be used on objects of all shapes and sizes, as well as black or shiny objects, without the use of spray.

The data captured from our systems can be used directly to interpret tool wear and highlight necessities for tool repair.  This means that repairs can be completed before critical failure, increasing efficiency through reducing down time and associated costs.

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