AXE Handheld 3D Scanner

The AXE Handheld 3D Scanner is the first handheld 3D scanning system to have integrated photogrammetry. The AXE is the ultimate in handheld systems for large scale measurements.

AXE Handheld 3D scanner
Non contact measurement scanner

420mm measurement area

Worlds largest measurement volume for blue laser scanning; 50% above its nearest rival.

Fewer dots.   Shorter prep times.  Faster scanning.

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Integrated photogrammetry

Capable of capturing with an accuracy of 0.02mm within a single handheld device.

Quick.  Powerful.  Accurate.

Handheld 3D Scanner

Still Lightweight.  Still Portable.

Largest measurement volume, integrated photogrammetry; still fully portable within a single compact carry case.

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Unparalleled Quality, on the move

Less than 1 minute viewing time

  • B11 stands for 11 blue lasers, making the AXE B11 perfect for projects large and small with blue lasers delivering cleaner data than ever before.
  • The AXE Handheld 3D Scanner system is unique in that it can scan large scale objects whilst maintaining accuracy due to the
    integrated photogrammetry system built into the scanner.
  • AXE scans larger areas and so uses up to 50% less reflective positioning marker points than competitor products.
  • Portability, speed, convenience and accuracy make AXE B11 an ideal choice for all ranges of projects.
  • 420mm measurement volume
  • Depth of field 500mm
  • 11 x blue laser crosses
  • 1 x laser line for deep hole capture
  • Measurement speed of 1.3m measurements/s

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