iReal2S Colour 3D Scanner

iReal2S Handheld 3D Scanner

Scan in high definition colour and without reference markers. Specifically aimed at non industrial applications, the iReal2S 3D scanner lets you capture exactly what you see.

Key Features

  • Super HD texture lets you visualise what you see.
  • Scan without stickers, easy operation by everyone.
  • Cost effective solution for industrial quality and high performance.
  • Works fast, with intelligent alignment
  • User-friendly, fast and easy scanning

Dual Scanning

Infrared and Blue Light. Infrared technology provides invisible fast scanning. Blue light ensures high accuracy and detail

Intelligent Feedback System

Breathing ‘i’ light system alerts operators if they move outside of the optimum scanning range.


3D Scanning. In its simplest form.

The iReal2S handheld 3D scanner is cost-effective solution specifically designed for the non-industrial field. T3DMC integrates the knowledge of AR, HD image acquisition and experienced 3D metrology measurements into the iReal 3D scanner, pioneering the era of AR 3D scanning.

Catering for the demand of 3D Modelling Texturing in non-industrial businesses, the iReal brings cost-saving industrial transformation to enterprises into the digital age.

  • Super HD texture, visualise what you see
    Industrial HD camera, directly captures 3D data in full colour.
  • No stickers
    iReal 3d scanner positioning through natural feature without stickers.
  • User-Friendly
    Real time scanning with visual guidance, everyone can quickly start without any
  • Fast speed, Smooth scanning
    550000 points/s, ensuring high efficiency of 3d scanning.
    Unique algorithm, smooth scanning process
  • Ultra-high precision
    Follow industrial 3D measurement technology, accuracy is up to O.lmm.
  • Ultra-high Detail
    Easy to capture 3D data in detail close to real object.
  • Advanced algorithms based on industrial 3D measurement technology.
    Automatically and intelligently optimised 3D data to acquire 3D models without manual data post-processing.

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