PRINCE handheld 3D scanner

An innovative combination of advanced technology and ergonomic design. The PRINCE series uses a unique dual laser configuration in a single lightweight and portable handheld device. Metrology grades of accuracy and resolution, the PRINCE series combines precision and high quality detail with incredible speed of capture to deliver high quality 3D data in a fraction of the time of other systems.

Fast. Reliable. Cost effective

  • 7 x red laser crosses
  • 5 X blue laser lines
  • Deep hole function with single laser mode
  • Simple to switch between modes

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Unparalleled Quality, on the move

Less than 1 minute viewing time

  • The PRINCE introduces a world first, dual scanning mode which increases system flexibility.
  • Up to 7 red cross lasers give the speed and accuracy for larger volume applications combined with the
    ultrafine detail capability of the 5 blue lasers providing up to 5 times the scanning accuracy using this mode.
  • Switching between the scanning modes is simple using the bespoke software.
  • PRINCE is an unique multi functional 3D scanning system in a handheld portable package.
  • Worlds fastest hand held scanning system with a capture rate of 480, 000 measurements per second.
  • The 3D Scanner ranges differ due to the quantity of lasers incorporated into each scanner. The larger
    the quantity of the lasers the more data can be captured which can reduce scanning time without compromising on accuracy. PRINCE has 2 different variations

    • The 335 has 3 crossed red lasers and 5 parallel blue lasers
    • The 775 has 7 crossed red lasers and 5 parallel blue lasers

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