Trackscan Portable 3D Metrology Solution

A complete, portable 3D metrology solution providing a new level of scanning performance and convenience with large volume, fast, and sticker free, easy to use and high accuracy.

Key Features

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Large measurement volume
  • No stickers – just aim and scan
  • Easy to use
  • Non contact laser 3D scanner
  • Compatible with upgrade to CMM functionality.

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  • TrackScan can capture millions of high-precision surface points in a few seconds.
  • The system camera or cameras track the active targets on the handheld scanner, continuously determining
    the position and orientation of the scanner. This way, all scan data is automatically captured in the same
    coordinate system, with no need for stickers or other preparation of the object to be measured.
  • TrackScan is easy to learn and efficient to use, and covers a wide range of measurement volumes.

Immediate scanning – simply aim the navigation camera at the object and start capturing data. No stickers, no preparation giving results in minimal time.

Optimised for relatively small geometries or larger objects with reduced accuracy requirements. Trackscan SOLO has a tracker unit that secures full freedom of scanner orientation and is therefore ideal for more complex geometries as it avoids the need to reposition the navigation camera.

Trackscan SOLO delivers sticker free scan data and has the capability to accurately scan shiny and black surfaces and can also operate in ambient light conditions.

This is the ultimate solution combining the highest accuracy with full freedom of scanner orientation. Trackscan DUO is the top of the range solution for the most challenging scanning tasks for both large and small objects.

The DUO can deliver high accuracy results for the most complex geometries and whilst the system is quick and easy to use, it does not compromise by ensuring the best results are achieved by a handheld system.

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