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3D Scanning BorgWarner | 3D Scanning Geometry | T3DMC

BorgWarner improves Tooling Efficiency through 3D Scanning

BorgWarner is an automotive components manufacturer dedicated to supporting its customers in their quest for clean propulsion and efficient technologies. T3DMC has been collaborating with the company to provide 3D measurement services, quality analyses and benchmarking reports.

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In-house 3D scanning | Newby Foundries | T3DMC | 3D Scanning

The real value of in-house 3D scanning capabilities

Newby Foundries are gaining the competitive advantage by bringing 3D scanning capabilities in-house thorough the AXE handheld scanner. 

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GOM Inspection | The 3D Measurement Company

“Industry 4.0 is the buzzword and we are heavily engaged” – Q&A with GOM UK

Article taken from "TCT Magazine" by Laura Griffiths  “This is another great example of the growing importance of full field ...

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