Always handheld. Always portable.
From 3D laser scanning to optical CMM, our 3D scanning devices offer a range of metrology grade systems.

Highly accurate and easy to use, our extensive range of 3D measurement products offers a solution to all business types.

KSCAN Portable 3D Scanner

The ultimate in scanning performance, the KSCAN Magic boasts precision, portability and performance, bringing a new dimension to 3D scanning applications.

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SIMSCAN Handheld 3D Scanner

3D metrology in the palm of your hand. Small but mighty, the SIMSCAN is a revolution in the industry, providing high-quality metrology-grade measurements.

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TRACKSCAN Handheld 3D Scanner

This is the complete 3D metrology solution. Fast and highly accurate full surface 3D data capture.

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iReal M3 Handheld 3D Scanner

Capture exactly what you see; in colour and in high definition.

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