iReal 2E 3D Colour Scanner Front & Side View | T3DMC

iREAL 2E Colour 3D Scanner

True-to-life scanning

Incredible, Crisp Detail in High-Definition Colour

iREAL 2E is our most affordable 3D scanner to date.  Perfectly combining ease of use with outstanding out of the box performance.  iREAL 2E will effortlessly maximise your 3D projects when it comes to detailed geometry capture, and high resolution texture and colour reproduction.

Person holding iReal 2E 3D Colour Scanner Front View | T3DMC

Our Fastest 3D Colour Scanner Yet

With a maximised depth of field, scanning area and cutting-edge algorithm, you can capture exactly what you see – including accurate texture reproduction and fine detail. iREAL 2E 3D scanner is specially designed for capturing objects of all sizes, with a measurement window of up to 580mm x 550mm, whilst its high detail performance makes it the perfect device for 3D scanning for medical and design applications.


3D Scanning. In its simplest form.


iReal 2E 3D Colour Scanner Front & Side View | T3DMC

Flexible scanning when you need it

With mixed alignment modes available, the device provides flexibility for a wide range of 3D scanning applications. Achieve clean and accurate capture of textures, hair, and facial features without the use of reference markers.

Eye-safe light

An integrated linear-array VSCEL structured light makes iREAL 2E the ideal – and safest – scanning device for scanning the human body, face, and hair.

Facial Reconstruction with 3D Scanning | T3DMC
iReal 2E 3D Colour Scanner Front View | T3DMC

Non-industrial application scanning

Specifically designed for the non-industrial sector, iREAL 2E scanner integrates the capabilities of AR, HD image acquisition and experienced 3D measurement into one lightweight, handheld 3D scanning device.


Facial Reconstruction with 3D Scanning | T3DMC

Fast, effortlessly smooth scanning

Achieve flexible and smooth 3D colour scanning of medium and large sized objects. iREAL 2E benefits from an 580mm x 550mm scanning window and 720mm depth of field and at a rate of 1,500,000 points/s.

iReal Handheld 3D Colour Scanner Close Up Detail | T3DMC

High resolution capture of even the finest details

Perfect for human body scanning, the device can capture finite details such as invisible light, facial features and hair.

iReal 3D Handheld Colour Scanner for Facial Reconstruction | T3DMC

Ergonomic, light design

iREAL 2E has an ergonomic and lightweight design that makes it easy to use and is highly portable

iReal 2E 3D Colour Scanner Rear View | T3DMC

Simplicity for any user

As reference markers are not required, iREAL 2E is one of the simplest and easiest 3D scanners to use. With the ability to scan in real-time, and with a visual reference for guidance, any user can quickly and easily use iREAL without prior scanning experience.

Technical Data - iReal 2E

TypeiReal 2E
Light sourceCategoryInfrared VCSEL structured light
Light sourceVidibilityInvisible
Light sourceSafetyCLASS І (eye-safe)①
Light sourceTechnologyInfrared linear-array structured light
Light sourceColor scanningSupport
Scanning featuresAlignment mode without markers②Texture/feature/mixed alignments
Scanning featuresHuman body scanningInvisible light/hair/dark environment scanning; automatically remove the layers of body shaking
Scanning featuresOptimal scanning distance 300 mm ~ 500 mm
Scanning featuresEffective working range 280 mm ~ 1000 mm
Scanning featuresMaximum single scanning area up to 580 mm x 550 mm
Measurement rateMaximum1,500,000 points/s
DetailPoint distance④0.200 mm ~ 3 mm
AccuracyPoint accuracy (single frame)Up to 0.100 mm
AccuracyAlignment accuracy⑤Up to 0.300 mm/m
Data outputOutput formatsOBJ, STL, PLY, ASC, SK
Data output3D printingSupport
HardwareWork temperature0°C ~ 40°C
HardwareInterface modeUSB 3.0
HardwareWeight850 g
HardwareDimensions140 mm × 94 mm × 258 mm
HardwareStructure3 sets of invisible light sources & groups & auxiliary lights
HardwareWorking power supplyINPUT: 100 - 240VAC, 50 / 60Hz
HardwareWorking power supplyOUTPUT: 24 = 3.75A, 90W MAX

① Class1 LASER is a low-energy light source device, which has no biological hazards and will not cause damage to the human body or skin.
② When the item has continuous, non-repetitive, rich and varied geometric features/texture features, it can be directly scanned without sticking points.
③ Maximum size of a single scan: recommended not to exceed 4 m.
④ The optimal point spacing setting for scanning: 0.5-1.5mm.
⑤ In the mark point stitching mode, the deviation value calculated by scanning the standard part.

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