Aerospace 3D Scanning

Our handheld system range are able to support the aerospace industry through the capture of extremely precise 3D scan data.

3D scanning for the aerospace industry is made possible through our range of compact handheld 3D scanners. Our scanners are capable of capturing highly detailed data up to an accuracy of 0.02mm. Included is a large volume 3D scanning option that is perfectly suited for larger objects without compromising on measurement accuracy. In addition, our portable 3D scanners can provide real time scan data from shiny or reflective surfaces without the use of spray, removing the need for pre or post scan operations. Full surface capture of free-form surfaces supports the use of captured data for reverse engineering purposes and quality and inspection.

Aerospace 3D Scanning

The compact and lightweight nature of the scanners means that they can easily be used in confined spaces making them ideal for cabin and restricted engine regions.

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