Medical 3D Scanning

T3DMC offer a range of 3D scanners which are lightweight, easy to use and have been optimised to meet the needs of today’s engineering challenges.

The technology available for 3D printing in both plastics and metals has developed to such a high standard that medical prostheses can now be produced with very realistic levels of detail.

Hand 3D Scanning

3D printing machines use input data from a variety of different sources but the creation of lifelike prostheses is possible when using data generated from a 3D optical scanning system as the accuracy and resolution of this process enables the capture of even the finest details of the subject’s limb.

Hand 3D Scanning

With the portable range capable of capturing highly detailed data – up to an accuracy of 0.02mm – they are an ideal solution for internal quality testing as deviations in critical dimensions can be identified quickly.  A 3D image of the object is displayed real time as the scanning takes place, with an audible signal ensuring the operator remains at the optimum depth of field and distance.

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