KSCAN MAGIC - Portable 3D Scanning Re-imagined

MAGIC Portable 3D Scanner.

Building on the success of the KSCAN series, the MAGIC brings a new dimension to 3D scanning.

41 laser lines – pushed to 45 on KSCAN Magic Pro.  Lightning fast scanning speeds up to 1.6 million measurements/s.  All new 1.4 metre infrared measurement mode with a 950mm depth of field.

Beautifully envisioned.  The ultimate 3D scanner.

Introducing KSCAN MAGIC.

The only portable 3D scanning system capable of measuring with 5 different measurement modes.   Built in photogrammetry, crossed blue lasers, single laser for deep pockets, hyperfine laser for ultra high detail and infrared lasers scanning a 1.4 metre area for when speed really matters.  

Accuracy, meet Performance.

The all new MAGIC series delivers unparalleled scanning speed up to 1.6 million measurements/s,  Accuracy of up to 0.020 mm and Resolution down to 0.01mm.

The MAGIC drives optimisation for 3D measurement workflows to help accelerate product time-to-market.

  • Built-in Photogrammetry – Volumetric accuracy up to 0.035mm/m. KSCAN makes scanning larger objects an easy and accurate process.
  • Faster Scanning Process – KSCAN MAGIC works to further optimise each part of scanning process; time spent scanning, time spent prepping parts and cost of consumables are all greatly reduced.
  • 5 measurement modes – 3 Blue laser modes combine to allow operators to easily captures ultra high details with 10μm resolution, whilst the infrared laser mode introduces an incredible 1400 mm scanning window.  Photogrammetry ties it all together to offer maximum accuracy capability.
  • Probing Function – Measure holes, hidden points and features. A portable CMM with point repeatability of 0.03mm, KSCAN probe is a unique and powerful addition to the KSCAN series.
  • Intelligent Edge Detection – Grayscale value. KSCAN intelligently captures edge data for trim and
    holes for inspection against CAD nominal
  • User-Friendly – Elegant breathing light system. Visual feedback indicates the optimum scanning distance allowing for easy and stable measurement.

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