KSCAN Magic portable 3D scanner defines a new dimension in 3D measurement for quality control in the production process and reverse engineering or rapid prototyping in design applications. Carefully designed to excel in areas of speed, accuracy, and versatility, KSCAN Magic delivers exceptional precision and performance both as a 3D handheld device or as part of a fully automated measurement and inspection process.

KSCAN MAGIC is a multi-tool. A flexible selection of laser scanning volumes allow it capture detailed 3D data on any surface finish from parts that fit in the palm of your hand, up to full size vehicles; all from one device.


22 blue crossed lasers

7 parallel lasers for high detail

1 single laser for deep pockets

Integrated photogrammetry improves volumetric accuracy for scanning large parts and optimises workflows for when using measurement reference fixtures.

12 infrared lasers offer an extremely versatile volume of up to 1.4m so that large areas can be captured quickly and with very little set up.


KSCAN Magic can also be paired with a variety of 3D measurement accessories to further streamline processes and improve workflows. KSCAN Probe is a lightweight, yet robust probing solution with an accuracy of under 0.015mm. The measurement rotation table, when used in tandem with photogrammetry, improves project accuracy and repeatability.

Touch Probe

3D Scanning Probe

Rotation Table

Versatility is at the heart of KSCAN Magic

 If portability is key, then KSCAN Magic can be used handheld to overcome challenges onsite or in the field.  For complex control quality control processes, measurement can be completed in a fully automated configuration.


Weighing less than 1kg, KSCAN Magic is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. Its ergonomic soft grip makes 3D handheld scanning easy and comfortable


To increase throughput and improve process control KSCAN Magic can be integrated into a fully automated setup.

One system, Five working modes

KSCAN MAGIC has five working measurement volumes for maximum versatility and maximum performance:  120mm parallel laser fine detail volume, 600mm crossed and single laser ultra-fast scanning volumes, 1.4m infrared laser volume and a 10m+ photogrammetry volume for very large projects.

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Technical Data - KSCAN Magic

Scan modeUltra-fast scanning11 blue laser crosses17 blue laser crosses
Scan modeHyperfine scanning7 blue parallel laser lines
Scan modeLarge area scanning11 parallel infrared laser lines
Scan modeDeep hole scanning1 extra blue laser line
Laser lines in total4142
Accuracy0..020 mm
Scanning rateUp to 1,350,000 measurements/sUp to 4,150,000 measurements/s
Scanning areaUp to 1440 mm × 860 mm
Photogrammetry systemStandard configurationBuilt-in
Photogrammetry systemScanning area3760 mm × 3150mm
Photogrammetry systemDepth of field2500 mm
Laser classCLASS II (eye-safe)
Resolution0.010 mm
Volume accuracyWork aloneUp to 0.010 mm + 0.030 mm/m
Volume accuracyWork with 1m reference barUp to 0.010 mm + 0.020 mm/m
Volume accuracyWork with MSCAN-L15Up to 0.010 mm + 0.015 mm/m
Stand-off distance300 mm
Depth of field925 mm
Portable CMM K-ProbeOptionalSupport
Portable CMM K-ProbeSingle point repeatability0.030 mm
Portable CMM K-ProbeTracking frequency60 hz
Intelligent edge inspection moduleOptionalSupport
Intelligent edge inspection moduleEdge accuracy0.030 mm
Pipe inspection moduleOptionalSupport
Pipe inspection moduleOutput formatsVBC / LRA / compensation value
Output formatsstl, .ply, .obj, .igs, .stp, .wrl, .xyz, .dae, .fbx, .ma, .asc or customized
Operating temperature range-10 ~ 40°C
Interface modeUSB 3.0
PatentsCN204329903U, CN104501740B, CN104165600B, CN204988183U, CN204854633U, CN204944431U, CN204902788U, CN105068384B, CN105049664B, CN204902784U, CN204963812U, CN204902785U, CN204902790U, CN106403845B, CN209197685U, CN209263911U, CN106500627B, CN106500628B, CN206132003U, CN206905709U, CN107202554B, CN209310754U, CN209485295U, CN209485271U, CN305446920S, CN209991946U, US10309770B2, KR102096806B1

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