AM-DESK, our automated 3D measurement station, is a state-of-the-art portable metrology station that can be utilised to measure complex geometries and surfaces on-site or on the factory floor. With its advanced technology, AM-DESK offers a level of accuracy that was previously only possible in the inspection lab.

Thanks to its compact size and easy installation, AM-DESK can cater to various needs with great flexibility. It can be paired with different collaborative robots and Scantech’s entire fleet of 3D scanners to measure numerous parts automatically. The station is versatile and can be used for on-site inspections on shop floors, in labs, and under harsh conditions to ensure continuous 3D measurement with high precision.

AM-DESK - Automated 3D Scanning

Robust Performance

AM-DESK is your reliable 3D measurement solution for a variety of tasks, whether in the lab or on the shop floor. Our cutting-edge technology enables fast and automated inspections of parts weighing up to 100 kilograms – from casting and plastic to stamping parts. Trust AM-DESK for accurate and efficient measurements every time.

Powered By NEXOS

The AM-DESK is powered by Eleven Dynamics’ NEXOS. This innovative combination of software and hardware provides a seamless, efficient, and accurate measurement experience. NEXOS Air brings to the table an intuitive user interface, real-time data processing, and high-speed scanning capabilities.

Nexos Air Eleven Dynamics
AM-DESK safety guard

Safety Gaurd

We prioritise safety and have implemented highly secure measures such as a serial arrangement for emergency stops, a buzzer to indicate potential dangers with lights and sounds, and controllable force distance with servo-mechanists to ensure safe operations.

When paired with cobots, our station supports 10-grade collision detection and sensor safety detection, which immediately stops the robot from operating in case of abnormal or potentially dangerous situations. Trust AM-DESK for safe and efficient operations every time.

Additional Accessories

Our automated measuring station is designed to be compact and efficient, with a weight of just 75 kg and a footprint of one square meter. It can be set up in just five minutes with 110-220V mains power, and when mounted on a mobile cart, can be quickly moved for installation in a different location.

To expand the workspace, our station can work in tandem with plug-and-play positioners. With the ability to instantly change measurement paths, this station is optimized for speedy measurements. Additionally, it is compatible with a variety of cobots for added flexibility. Trust AM-DESK for efficient and convenient automated measurements.

AM-DESK Technical Specification

Peak Power 900 W
Turntable Accuracy0.1
TypeAM-DESK 60120
Turntable Repeatability0.05
Power Supply110 V–220 V/50–60 Hz
Dimensions1200 x 600 x 177 mm
Robot SupportedUR/UR5/AUBO/i5; i7
max Rotational Speed of Turntable50 /S
Communication InterfaceTCP / IP
Turntable Payload140 KG
Weight75 KG