SIMSCAN Handheld 3D Scanner


Step into the cutting-edge of 3D scanning with SIMSCAN. Compact yet powerful, this award-winning 3D scanner is designed with precision and ease-of-use at its core. Experience the revolution in 3D measurements.

SIMSCAN handeld scanner

Precision, Perfected

SIMSCAN’s advanced blue laser technology ensures superior scanning results. Capture every intricate detail with an accuracy of up to 0.020mm, even on complex surfaces or within confined areas.

Mobile & Versatile

Take SIMSCAN wherever your creativity leads you. Its sleek design and wireless capabilities enable 3D measurements whenever inspiration strikes. Designed for single-handed operation, SIMSCAN is as comfortable as it is versatile.

SIMSCAN 3D Scanner Data Capture
Volumetric accuracy | SIMSCAN 3D scanner

Rapid Data Capture

Experience a whole new level of efficiency with SIMSCAN’s incredible scanning rate of up to 2.8 million measurements per second.  Clean and accurate data, faster than ever before even in confined spaces and on uncooperative surfaces.



Dual Measurement Volume

Some projects require scanning of larger areas.  Some projects require scanning using a smaller measurement volume.  And some projects require both. SIMSCAN has dual volumes which can be used together to get the best of both worlds for when you need it.

SIMSCAN 3D Scanner

Blue Lasers For Clean 3D Data

SIMSCAN is built with advanced blue laser technologies.  Scan full surfaces with ease and in high definition even on difficult surfaces such as carbon fibre, chrome or machined metals.

Aerospace Grade Aluminium Body

SIMSCAN benefits from a sturdy body that is built to last.  Complete with rubber feet for resting when not in use the sensor has a considered design to ensure it delivers accurate measurements every time.

All In One Box

Pack everything into one small lightweight travel case and take SIMSCAN with you wherever you need it and capture detailed scan data more quickly than ever before.

Demand more from your tools. Experience the harmony of precision, portability, and performance with the SIMSCAN 3D scanner. Immerse yourself in the future of 3D scanning today.

Scan modeUltra-fast scanning17 blue laser cross11 blue laser crossed7 blue cross lasers
Scan modeHyperfine scanning7 blue parallel laser lines7 blue parallel laser lines7 blue parallel laser lines
Scan modeDeep hole scanning1 extra blue laser line1 extra blue laser line1 extra blue laser line
Laser lines in total363026
AccuracyUp to 0.020 mmUp to 0.020 mmUp to 0.020 mm
Scanning rateUp to 2,800,000 measurements/sUp to 2,020,000 measurements/sUp to 1,250,000 measurements/s
Scanning areaUp to 700 mm × 600 mmUp to 410 mm × 400 mmUp to 1,250,000 measurements/s
Laser classClass II (eye-safe) Class II (eye-safe)Class II (eye-safe)
Resolution Up to 0.020 mm Up to 0.020 mm Up to 0.020 mm
Volume accuracyWork alone 0.020 mm + 0.035 0.020 mm + 0.035 mm/m 0.020 mm + 0.035
Volume accuracyWork with MSCAN-L15 0.020 mm + 0.015 0.020 mm + 0.015 mm/m 0.020 mm + 0.015
Stand-off distance 300 mm300 mm 300 mm
Depth of field 550 mm550 mm 550 mm
Output formats pj3, asc, igs, txt, mpj3, asc, igs, txt, mk2, umk, stl, ply, obj pj3, asc, igs, txt, m
Open formats
Operating temperature range -10°C - 40°C-10°C - 40°C -10°C - 40°C
Interface mode USB 3.0USB 3.0 USB 3.0
Dimensions 203 mm × 80 mm 203 mm × 80 mm × 44 mm 203 mm × 80 mm
Weight 570 g570 g 570 g

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