3D Metrology in the palm of your hand

Introducing the SIMSCAN Handheld 3D scanner. The SIMSCAN 3D scanner is the only hand-sized scanner on the market and has been developed for use with one hand. Small but mighty, the SIMSCAN is a revolution in the industry, providing high-quality metrology-grade measurements in an ultra-portable design.

SIMSCAN 3D Handheld Scanner

SIMSCAN 3D Handheld Scanner

3D Scanning with SIMSCAN | T3DMC

User-friendly design

Weighing in at only 570g and measuring only 203 x 80 x 44mm, the SIMSCAN boasts an ergonomic and user-friendly design that packs a punch. Robust and reliable, the scanner has been manufactured from aerospace-grade materials and has a full metal shell for durability.

Uncompromising when it comes to capability, the SIMSCAN can cover measurements of 410 by 400mm and capture over 2,000,000 measurement/s.

Capture every detail

The SIMSCAN comes with 11 crossed blue lasers and single line deep-hole modes that ensure accurate, intricate detail is captured every time. From surfaces in small and narrow areas to large or more complex objects, the SIMSCAN handheld 3D scanner ensures effective capture of 3D scan data.

Effective 3D Capture - SIMSCAN 3D Scanner
Volumetric accuracy | SIMSCAN 3D scanner

Improved volumetric accuracy

What’s more, the SIMSCAN brings to the table a resolution of up to 0.025mm and a volumetric accuracy of 0.020mm +  0.040mm/m. When used in conjunction with the MSCAN-L15, volumetric accuracy further improves to 0.020mm + 0.015mm/m. This makes the SIMSCAN an ideal choice for even awkward spaces and complex surfaces.

A handy solution in one-box

  • Small, handheld design – it weighs just 570g
  • Ultra-portable – capture accurate 3D data anywhere at anytime
  • Blue laser and single line deep-hole modes
  • Robust, full metal shell structure, made from aerospace-grade materials
  • Ergonomic design – fits perfectly in your palm
  • The perfect combination of practicality and aesthetics
  • Suitable for use in a wide range of industries and applications – work without limits!
  • Capture and construct 3D data into a 3D CAD model in rapid time
One Solution - SIMSCAN 3D Portable Scanner

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