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The 3D Measurement Company (T3DMC) are proud to announce that they have just completed their upgrade from ISO 9001:2008 to the new ISO 9001: 2015 version using the support from a local UKAS accredited service.

Why is this important to T3DMC?

T3DMC take their standards very seriously and the upgrade consisted of a detailed review of the business processes to ensure they demonstrate consistent quality of products and services, maintain excellent levels of customer service and have a continuous improvement process built in so that the company is always getting better at what it does.

The upgrade from 2008 version to the new 2015 standard has seen T3DMC adopt the Plan, Do, Check and Act methodology in the implementation of the change from 8 key sections up to 10. The review process enabled T3DMC to go through all their current processes and improve these to ensure they are consistently delivering the highest standards in quality and customer service which are vital to maintain the companies position as the leading provider of 3D engineering solutions in the UK.

How did T3DMC manage the transition?

T3DMC Office Manager – Rebecca Taylor worked with the team under the guidance of the local UKAS certified body to ensure that all the new criteria were met and that the methodology was adopted as they went through the review.

T3DMC Scanning Services

The maintenance of the latest standards is very important to T3DMC as they reflect the highest levels of professionalism and demonstrate a quality management system that can consistently deliver the very best service to their customers.

T3DMC are particularly keen to ensure that the business processes are at their absolute best as the company has recently introduced a new range of handheld portable 3D laser scanners to the UK containing exciting and unique features to the 3D scanner market. These new products add to the highly successful and growing 3D scanning services that the company has become experts in and the future of the business looks even more exciting now that they have the latest standards to support the background processes.

T3DMC Team

The new ISO 9001:2015 UKAS ISO certificate is now proudly on display at the Bridgnorth headquarters and if you want to find out more about the adoption of the new standards or about the Products and services that the company offers, please give them a call on 01764 762251 or via email at