AESUB Scanning Spray

AESU 3D Scanning Spray – No cleaning, No mess, No fuss!

AESUB Spray Technology

AESUB blue:

A unique state-of-the art vanishing 3D scanning spray.
Developed by 3D scanning industry experts for the 3D scanning industry.

Simply apply the spray on difficult surfaces to be able to capture them with an optical scanner.
After scanning is completed there is no need to clean the object because the spray evaporates after a few hours.

The coating is very thin and homogeneous.

New & Improved AESUB 3D Scanning Spray Formula

With 3D scanning, there are surfaces that are difficult or even impossible to detect even for the best scanner. AESUB BLUE solves this problem and more. Because now you get AESUB BLUE evaporating 3D Scanning Spray with an improved composition! AESUB BLUE is a new generation anti-reflection spray that evaporates to leave no residue behind. The scan spray has been tested extensively in house and meets the current requirements.


AESUB BLUE is suitable for matting difficult to scan surfaces (machined finished, chrome, carbon fibre, detailed plastics) which then makes scanning quicker and with greater quality data output:

  • Scanning of reflective surfaces / components.
  • Scanning of transparent surfaces / components.
  • Scanning too dark surfaces / components
  • Time savings due to no cleaning time
  • Reuse of components without residues
  • Sublimation time within 4 hours – depending on material, temperature etc.
  • Excellent scannability: no solid particles, thin, homogeneous layer thickness
  • Measurement Reference Dots adhere to the matted surface
  • Handling; Sprayed surface can be touched without interference
  • No contamination; Spraying can occur next to measurement system without risk.
  • Safety risk comparable to hair spray – The article is harmless to health

The AESUB Blue 3D Scan Spray has been specially developed and tested by scanning experts for the optical measurement industry.

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AESUB Technology
AESUB Scanning Spray

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