Automated 3D Scanning Services

We’re proud to offer a fully automated 3D scanning solution for batch measurements.

Why Use Automated 3D Scanning?

Automated 3D scanning is revolutionising the way we capture and analyse physical objects and environments. It’s an effortless way to create highly accurate digital models, saving you time, resources, and reducing room for human error.

If you have a batch of parts for inspection, it is important to know that you are interpreting results that have been produced in a controlled environment through a repeatable measurement process. We are able to cut out the variables introduced through other non-automated 3D scanning processes, so the results that deliver to you are a a set of results that you can have confidence in.

Nexos Air Eleven Dynamics


Ensures high-quality control by meticulously capturing every detail of an object, leaving no room for human error.


Drastically speeds up acquisition of precise 3D measurement data, saving time, resource and manual labour.


Consistently achieves the same results across multiple measurements under the same conditions, providing a  reliable and accurate set of data.

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