Automated 3D Scanning Services

We’re proud to offer a fully automated 3D scanning solution for batch measurements.

Automated 3D Scanning

To support our automated 3D scanning service, we operate the GOM ATOS Scan Box 6130, the largest Independent Optical Measurement Machine in the UK. This system is embedded into our temperature stable Optical Measurement Room and is run by our advanced technical team with a combination of almost 20 years experience programming and operating these types of systems.

Our commitment to the delivery of accurate data is at the heart of all of the 3D engineering solutions that we offer and our automated solution allows us to offer a 3D measurement service that is repeatable, reproducible and traceable.

Why use Automated 3D Scanning?

If you have a batch of parts for inspection, it is important to know that you are interpreting results that have been produced in a controlled environment through a repeatable measurement process. We are able to cut out the variables introduced through other non-automated 3D scanning processes, so the results that deliver to you are a a set of results that you can have confidence in.

Removing manual steps from the 3D measurement process and being able to measure parts repeatably and quickly is a vital step in the pursuit of ever increasing accuracy and efficiency. Through knowledge, understanding and technical experience we here at T3DMC are able to offer a service that is bespoke to your specific project requirements.

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T3DMC are committed to offering services of the highest quality so if you are in a position where your needs for repeatable 3D measurements go beyond the capabilities of your in-house CMM systems then please contact a member of the team to discuss how you can make use of our industry leading full field 3D scanning equipment, capable of measuring parts up to 2 tonne in weight and 3m in diameter.

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