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We understand that the improvement of product quality and component design, shortening of development times and cost reduction can be easily achieved through the capture and use of highly detailed and accurate 3D data.

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Our handheld system range are able to support the aerospace industry through the capture of extremely precise 3D scan data, with large volume 3D scanning perfect for large objects without compromising on measurement accuracy.

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Power Generation

3D Scan data is being used extensively in the power generation sector to measure and inspect the complex geometries of turbine blades and other critical components and features.

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Power Industry 3D Scanning


T3DMC offer a range of 3D scanners which are lightweight, easy to use and have been optimised to meet the needs of today’s engineering challenges.

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Medical 3D scanning


The ability to scan high quality 3D data of railway infrastructure in situ is essential in monitoring corrosion of the rail surface. Real time scan data also provides instant feedback for maintenance inspection of train wheels and axles.

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Rail 3D Scanning

Manufacturing & Product Development

With the demand for high quality goods from the UK manufacturing sector increasing to new levels, the use of full field 3D scan data is key to improving processes and product design in a wide range of manufacturing applications.

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