We’re excited to launch four new and innovative 3D scanning solutions at TCT this year.

We’re pleased to announce we will be exhibiting at TCT 2021 this year, which is being held at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, from 28-30 of September, 2021. Visitors to Stand G11 will be able to see live demonstrations of our innovative 3D scanning devices, including the all-new SIMSCAN, KSCAN Magic, TrackScan P42, as well as the cost-effective 3D portable colour scanner iReal2.

The brand new SIMSCAN is the fastest, smallest and lightest 3D scanning system on the market weighing only 570g and measuring only 203 x 80 x 44mm. The SIMSCAN can capture areas of 410 by 400mm at a rate of over 2,000,000 measurements per second. The SIMSCAN is manufactured using aerospace grade aluminium which makes this 3D scanner very robust, whilst also being very comfortable to hold.

3D scanner product line-up | T3DMC

Building on the huge success of the previous KSCAN series, the KSCAN Magic scanner is packed with 41 blue laser lines and delivers rapid scanning speeds of up to 1.6 million measurements per second, with improved precision along with increased speed. The KSCAN Magic has five separate measurement modes in one scanner – including built-in photogrammetry – making this the ultimate in scanning performance.

Another star of the show will be the TrackScan P42, which can capture accurate and highly detailed data without the use of reference markers. The P42 is the fastest 3D scanning system in its class boasting 1.9 million measurements per second. This combined with a large measurement volume of up to 16.5M³, and dual measurement volumes for small and large parts, makes the P42 an extremely versatile and capable measurement system.

3D scanning for automotive applications

Finally, the iReal 2E Colour scanner allows users to scan in high definition and in colour, all without the need for reference markers or dots. Specifically designed for non-industrial applications, the iReal2E 3D scanner lets you capture exactly what you see. It is ideal for medical applications to scan patients’ faces or full bodies, 3D scanning of artefacts or rapid capture of large organic shapes. Whatever the application, the rate of capture and the scan data quality make this a very capable entry level scanning instrument.

“We are very excited about bringing these innovative 3D scanning solutions to the UK market”, explained Adam Stanley, Managing Director at T3DMC. “TCT is a world-renowned trade show and it will give our team an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the new generation of scanners and to answer visitors’ questions about how they can use these versatile products to save time and money in their own businesses.”

We look forward to seeing you there!

For more information on TCT, visit the official event website to learn more about what’s on show and to register your place.

To speak to an expert about any of our 3D scanning products, please call our team on 01746 762251 or email us at info@t3dmc.com.