AirGO Power

A smart and wireless module engineered to facilitate mobile and cordless 3D scanning. This innovative solution is ideal for scanning large objects, working in remote locations without power access, or handling challenging conditions.

Equipped with a sturdy on-board processor and power supply, AirGO Power provides an all-inclusive solution for powering 3D scanners, enabling the capture, processing, visualisation, and storage of 3D data without the need for computer connectivity. Designed for compatibility with Scantech’s range of handheld 3D laser scanners, it offers users unparalleled freedom in 3D scanning.

AirGO Power 3D Scanning Accessory
AirGO Power

Mobile 3D Scanning

The wireless architecture of AirGO Power allows engineers to work without the constraints of power and data cables, offering unrestricted measurement capabilities regardless of environmental factors. Whether you’re 3D scanning in remote locations, elevated areas, or tackling large-scale objects, AirGO Power simplifies your 3D scanning experience.

Seamless Integration

AirGO Power has been expertly crafted to flawlessly work with Scantech’s range of handheld 3D scanners, such as KSCAN, SIMSCAN, TRACKSCAN. The sophisticated capabilities of these devices allow them to adeptly handle diverse applications with ease.

AirGo Power 3D Scanning Accessory
AirGO 3D Scanning Accessory

Real-Time 3D Data Monitoring

The AirGo Power’s 5.5-inch interactive touchscreen facilitates real-time management of your device, scanning process, and data capture.

Its versatile screen, capable of 360° rotation and detachment, allows for flexible data viewing. The ability to connect or wirelessly project to smartphones, screens, or AR devices ensures a variety of data display options to cater to diverse requirements.

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