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Is automated 3D scanning out of your budget?

When deciding on a route forward for your 3D project there are many elements that need to be discussed when considering an automated vs a manual solution, however, cost should not be top of the list; here's why.

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The Benefits of Reverse Engineering and CAD modelling

Here at T3DMC we pride ourselves on delivering professional services and high quality results to all our customers and by combining vast industry knowledge, dedicated technology and expertise we excel in the field of Reverse Engineering and CAD modelling.  But let’s discuss exactly what Reverse Engineering is and why would you need our CAD modelling services?

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Simplifying the 3D Scanning Process with 3D Printed Fixtures

Modern Machine Shop online recently posted an interesting article telling the story of James Pershken from Cincinnati, a company who manufacture 3D printers and more.

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3D Printing: Chicken, ‘Debbie Harry’, Gets New Prosthetic Feet Thanks to 3D Printing

In recent days, reports have told the story of how Debbie Harry, the “chicken living on an urban farm owned ...

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GE Appliances use GOM 3D Metrology for Optimum Manufacturing Processes

Quality Digest published a great article this week about how GE Appliances (GEA) utilise 3D metrology tools including ATOS 3D ...

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Measuring up the fourth Industrial Revolution

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers recently published an article called ‘measuring up the fourth Industrial Revolution’ which urges companies to ...

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Improving 3D Optical Scanning

Advanced Manufacturing recently published a story called ‘Improving 3D Scanning’, which cites the common limitations of 3D Scanning as: “3D ...

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Advanced 3D Scanning Meets Rigid FSAE University Student Competition recently published a great article about how “Formula SAE competitions challenge teams of University undergraduate and graduate students to ...

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3D Scanning Creates Polish Super Car

The latest ‘affordable’ supercar from Poland has been in the news recently for making its mark in the world of ...

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“Industry 4.0 is the buzzword and we are heavily engaged” – Q&A with GOM UK

Article taken from "TCT Magazine" by Laura Griffiths  “This is another great example of the growing importance of full field ...

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Automated Metrology takes Top Spot as ‘Solution of The Future’

Metrology News recently reported that “The Robots are Coming!” following Industrial Robot based metrology solutions being showcased ‘solution of the ...

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