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We are constantly working on new solutions to adapt to any challenges our customers may have, and the ongoing development of our online scanning accessories ordering service is no exception.

Comprehensive Online Shop

Our online shop offers a range of 3D scanning accessories with fast turnaround times to help you get the most out of your 3D scanner and improve your workflow.

And if you’re not sure which accessory is right for you, our team of experts is always on hand to offer guidance and advice.

Scanning Dots for 3D Scanning

3D scanning dots, or reference markers, are designed to help improve the accuracy of your portable, static and robot mounted 3D scanning systems.

The self adhesive dots are easy to apply and remove, without leaving a residue or marks.

Our scanning dots are readily available in sizes from 1.5mm to 12mm.

3D Scanning Sprays

When working with very small objects or highly reflective or transparent surfaces, it is helpful to use scanning sprays.

AESUB scanning sprays offer an ideal solution for improved accuracy and measurement, eliminating challenges with reflective surfaces and texture or colour, as it mattifies the surface to achieve good contrast values and accurate measurement results.

Rotation Tables

A popular scanning accessory for any 3D scanner is a rotation table, which enables the user to rotate their part through 360 degrees without moving around.

These allow for easy rotations without having to move around or reorient your part during inspection. An ideal time saving accessory for small to medium sized objects.

Scanning Cables

Scanning cables work with your 3D handheld scanner for portability between your laptop and the scanner, giving the user the ability to scan very large objects without the need for moving the laptop around.

Accessories used for 3D scanning can vastly improve the performance accuracy of your scanning processes. Visit our online shop to order yours today.

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