The T3DMC team have worked with talented sculptor and artist Jacob Chandler for many years.  The journey first started with 3D scanning of his work to create digital models which were later used in the investment casting process.  This relationship how now evolved to such an extent that T3DMC now complete the manufacturing of the scaled-up pieces too.

Artist and Sculptor Jacob Chandler has designed One Giant Leap for Humankind, a sculpture based on the inspirational figures of Jonnie Peacock and Ben Pearson. Using a combination of Jacob’s gift of designing cutting edge sculpture designs and The 3D Measurement Company’s skillsets in 3D scanning, 3D design and fabrication the 2.4m bladed athlete will come to life to celebrate the start of the Commonwealth Games.

Commonwealth Games sculpture by artist Jacob Chandler

The statue has been a collaborative piece and will be a lasting tribute to the athletes that have inspired so many. It is sure to become a popular tourist attraction for visitors to Birmingham and a landmark for the city.

3D Visual concept of a sculpture by Jacob Chandler

The design for the sculpture was inspired by both Jonnie Peacock and Ben Pearson, who are two of the most inspirational athletes in the world. Both men have had to overcome great obstacles in their lives, and they have done so with courage and determination. The sculpture captures their spirit and embodies the idea that sport gives people the opportunity to remove the shackles of everyday life.

The sculpture is made up of a series of precision cut panels that are created through a process of flattening the 3D scan data of a scaled down sized maquette of the final piece. It is designed to be visually striking and to capture the energy and movement of sport. The blade will be cast, with the rest of the angular piece welded in the laser cut sheets of stainless steel.

Jacob Chandler adds; “I’m absolutely thrilled to be given the opportunity to create this sculpture. It will be a real privilege to commemorate the achievements of these two inspirational athletes in such a public space.”

Artist Jacob Chandler with his Commonwealth Games sculpture
Adam Stanley | T3DMC

The 3D Measurement Company’s MD, Adam Stanley said; “We’re really excited to be working with Jacob on this project. His unique eye for design and our expertise in 3D scanning, design and fabrication will come together to create a truly stunning piece of art.”


The sculpture will be installed at Birmingham’s spectacular New Street train station in June 2022, in line with the state of the Commonwealth Games. This is a fitting location for the sculpture, as it will be seen by people from all over the world who are coming to Birmingham to celebrate sport and diversity.

We hope that the sculpture will inspire everyone who sees it to reach for their goals and dream big.

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