Scantech have demonstrated the endless benefits of 3D scanning in their recent project.

Race Car Design | 3D scanning for automotive

Using the KSCAN they helped France-based, LR Motor Company in developing a new product. Famous for its high-performance buggies, LR Motor Company’s chassis are strong, resistant to distortion and impact, and have a high bearing capacity. By scanning the tubular chassis of a race vehicle, they were able to create a CAD model which became the foundation for development of a brand-new model of racing car that can be used for competition.

The shape and structure of racing cars is much different to everyday vehicles, with a need for the car to have stability within a lightweight design. A tubular chassis is a complex shape, and because most of the chassis in this workshop are handmade, they are even more complex and unique. This means that traditional measurement methods that require contact with the measuring device would not have been appropriate for this project.

In addition, an effective way for inspection and maintenance is required for race cars. They are susceptible to wear and tear when used in competition and its essential that potential wear is identified on parts in time to complete vital maintenance. Once the competition season ends, manufacturers must also investigate how they can improve the performance of their vehicles – including the driving experience – which requires data of the previous components.

Chassis CAD 3D Data | T3DMC

KSCAN portable 3D scanner is a non-contact measuring device which precisely captures the geometric data of this complex structure. Handheld scanners are particularly advantageous when the object to be scanned is not easy to transport, like the chassis in this instance. The 3D portable scanner can be used wherever the item to be scanned is located, such as a warehouse/workshop. Once the 3D scan data had been captured, engineers are able to begin the manufacturing of a new product with optimised performance.

Portable 3D scanning technology provides further benefits to the racing industry. Wearing parts can be precisely inspected, and even identified if they are well hidden, via handheld 3D scanning. As the chassis are created by hand, the length of time in which it takes to produce each one varies depending on each creator. Capturing and producing the precise dimensions of the chassis will both shorten and standardise manufacturing time, reducing costs. What’s more, by scanning parts at the end of the racing season, manufacturers can identify wearing parts timely.

KSCAN is a versatile handheld 3D scanner which can support a variety of industries including medical, manufacturing, engineering and architecture, and many more. Learn about how KSCAN can support your projects or talk to one of our experts today.