The innovative iREAL 2E 3D scanner showcased its unique and versatile capabilities at TCT 3Sixty, the must-attend event for design, engineering and manufacturing professionals.

IREAL 3D Scanner demo at TCT 3Sixty | T3DMC

Used in a variety of applications including medical, architecture, art and heritage, the easy to use handheld iREAL2E 3D scanner is capable of capturing excellent quality data, with or without colour, for a range of applications.

Whatever the requirement, the high quality, clean scan data from iREAL 2E makes it a phenomenally powerful 3D scanning tool, at an amazing price point.

“iREAL 2E is a true representation of how far 3D scanning has come in the entry level space, and TCT 3Sixty was the perfect place for us to show off its capabilities,” says Adam Stanley, T3DMC’s Managing Director.

“This is a high quality, easy to use and affordable device, with true to life high resolution texture and colour reproduction. If you’re looking for a handheld 3D scanner that’s plug and play and delivers excellent usable 3D data, then IREAL 2E is a great option.”

With variable measurement volume and resolution features, IREAL 2E can capture high-quality detailed 3D scans of small, medium and large-sized objects quickly and easily.

IREAL 3D Scanner demo at TCT 3Sixty | T3DMC
IREAL 3D Scanner demo at TCT 3Sixty | T3DMC

Whether using geometry, colour contrast or reference dots, IREAL 2E has the flexibility of 3 robust tracking algorithms allowing users to reliably capture 3D data on a variety of components using a method that best suits their application.

With a wide variety of handheld 3D scanners on the market, each with its own set of features and capabilities, choosing the right handheld 3D scanner for your needs can be a daunting task.

At T3DMC, we offer a range of handheld 3D scanners to suit different budgets and requirements.

Our team is always on hand to advise you on the best scanner for your application needs. Get in touch today.