RASCO Automotive Systems Ltd

Partnering with T3DMC to offer world class reverse engineering and CAD services

Here at T3DMC we pride ourselves on our ability to turnaround complex projects quickly and within budget.

Our skills within 3D measurement, Quality & Inspection and Reverse Engineering help our customers with the challenges they face within their manufacturing processes.  We are proud to support UK engineering through our range of products and services and we are always looking at ways to improve.

There were two main areas we wanted to offer further flexibility to our customers; lead times and cost and naturally this led us towards partnering with a 3rd party.

We spent 2 years developing a relationship with RASCO Automotive Ltd, where we got to meet their team, headed up by chartered engineered Aman Singh a graduate of Leeds University.  It quickly became evident that they share the same passion for customer satisfaction and with over 20 years experience within the CAD industry they are a perfect partner for T3DMC.

T3DMC partnership with RASCO Automotive Ltd

In combination with T3DMC’s market leading range of 3D measurement systems we are excited to offer a more expansive range of services than ever before.

Dedicated CAD team

An expert team of 15 engineers capable of producing high quality parametric CAD models from 3D Scans across a wide range of softwares including; Solidworks, Siemens & Solid Edge


Comprehensive component tear-down for cost benchmarking and/or performance benchmarking.

Reverse Engineering of Large assemblies

Over 10 years experience working with large assemblies utilising multiple engineers on the same project to shorten lead times.

Reverse Engineering: 3D scan to CAD model

If you have a project that you need help with, but have always considered outsourcing too expensive or out of your budget, then please give us a call.  We have experts across many platforms and we could hold the key to moving your project forward.

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