Large Scale Non-Contact CMM

Do sensor wires get in the way of your dynamic tests? Do you wish you could have more 3D data points per test? Is setting up of your tests eating up too much of your time?

Our high accuracy portable CMM system enables us to measure dimensional positions of geometric features in 3D, both quickly and precisely. The key here is that our non contact measurement system is completely portable, allowing us to take the measurement system to the object to be measured in its working environment – exactly where it should be.

With 3D points being automatically calculated we are able to perform numerous measurement tasks on the geometric elements created, such as;

  • Point deviations from part to CAD
  • Angles
  • Distances
  • Full GD&T
CMM Inspection

Benefits of our Non Contact Measurement Service

  • No contact occurs with the part during the measurement process
  • Very high accuracy – even when completed for large objects
  • Independent of environmental conditions (climatic chamber, open air, etc.)
  • Wireless functionality means that there are no trip hazards in the working environment.

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