Reverse Engineering Services

The most efficient way to generate a CAD model from a physical object that has any kind of complex or freeform shape.

With the advancement of 3D scanning, reverse engineering from real world parts has never been easier.   Using traditional measurement techniques such as calipers for complex surfaces is time consuming and can lead to preventable errors with in the design process.  Our team will work with you to understand the exact type of model that you need which will always start with high quality 3D scan data captured by our 3D measurement systems.  This 3D scan data can easily be turned into a model representing the as-manufactured shape of a component, however, we specialize in creating models that match original design-intent features removing the wear and tear effects seen on in service parts.

Reasons to reverse engineer

Our customers range from large OEMs to small independent businesses where we are regularly asked to reverse engineer parts because the CAD for a part either doesn’t exist or is vastly outdated and no longer represents the actual part – sound familiar? Let us help, get in touch and one of our engineers can talk through your project with you.

Another reason to reverse engineer is to simply develop the part further or use competitor products as a benchmark – whichever your goal is; our service will get you there, and quickly.

The 3D Measurement Company is a leading UK service provider for non-contact measurement and our CAD team can complete the surfacing for you too.
T3DMC has many years’ experience using 3d measurement equipment and our engineers are highly trained in the most accurate measurement systems available, so we have the knowhow to address the design task appropriately to give us accurate building blocks to along to path to creating a detailed model. We are proud to provide a flexible and cost efficient service for our customers, which alleviates the need purchase costly equipment and at the same time helps take some of the pressure off you to deliver an accurate model.

What can T3DMC do for you?

The model below is a polygon mesh (stl).

3D Printing and Rapid prototyping:
We can create an stl mesh for you; a complete surface measurement of your part. That data can usually be read straight into an RP machine for processing. We also offer 3D printing services, so please let us know if this is something you are interested in.

Archiving and modelling:
Some of our customers are producing archives of their parts, so that if the worst should happen and it gets damaged, they have some representative measurement data to fall back on. If you already have CAD data, the STL meshes can be used for comparison for quality and inspection purposes. If you already have CAD software and are happy to surface the mesh yourself, then that is great, we can produce a highly dense, highly accurate stl mesh for you.

At T3DMC we can help; we can create a polygon mesh, a 3d geometric model for you, or both and then complete the circle with detailed inspection reports.

With over 25 years experience, our CAD team will understand your needs, so take advantage of that experience

  • Obtain CAD data that captures an object’s original design intent
  • Design a new part to fit to a legacy part
  • Accurately model performance surfaces
  • Update CAD models of your tooling to match shop-floor changes
  • Redesign a part without manufacturing defects
  • Modernise your manufacturing process

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