Complete 3D Scanning Solution in just One Product

Efficient and powerful, the TrackScan 3D Scanner is the complete, lightweight, portable 3D metrology solution. Dual lasers, sticker free and with a revolutionary hybrid scanning mode, TrackScan is the perfect blend of performance and convenience.

Known for its ultra-precision, the TrackScan Portable 3D Scanner is widely used in quality control, product development and reverse engineering. TrackScan has the capability to deliver high quality precise 3D data in challenging environments including gaps, grooves and complex surfaces.


TrackScan 3d Scanning device | T3MC

Accuracy and Speed

TrackScan can capture millions of high-precision surface points in just a few seconds, and with a large measurement volume of up to 16.5 cubic metres, it is the most versatile portable scanner yet.

Intelligent and easy to use

Using intelligent tracking measurement technology, the TrackScan carries out ultra-high precision 3D measurement that can be carried anywhere. Easy to use, there is no need for stickers. The cameras continuously determine the position and orientation of the scanner – just aim and scan.

TrackScan for Automotive 3D Scanning
3d Metrology Scanner probe | T3DMC

Hybrid Scanning Mode

The TracksScan supports both Camera Tracking and Marker Tracking Modes. This handheld device also recognises reference markers – allowing users to continue scanning even in confined spaces.


TrackScan for Automotive 3D Scanning

Dual laser

Dual red and blue lasers for optimal speed and ultra-high detail – neither quality is reduced by the other.

3d Metrology Scanner probe | T3DMC

Flexible touch probe

With a point repeatability of 0.030 mm, the touch probe integrates seamlessly into the scanning process and can capture out of reach areas – its flexibility allows it to accurately determine dimensions of drilled holes, edges and cylindrical components.

Scanning in high definition

17 crossed blue laser lines, a scanning rate of 1,900,000 measurements per second, and a high single point repeatability of 0.030mm – the TrackScan is precise and efficient.

Technical Data - Trackscan 3D Scanner

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Scan modeUltra-fast scanning17 blue laser crosses
Scan modeHyperfine mode B7 blue parallel laser lines
Scan modeDeep hole scanning1 extra blue laser line
Laser lines in total42
Accuracy0.025 mm
Measurement rate1,900,000 measurements/s
Scanning area310 mm × 350 mm
Laser classClass II (eye-safe)
Resolution0.020 mm
Volumetric accuracy10.4 m³0.064 mm
Volumetric accuracy18.0 m³0.078 mm
Volumetric accuracy (With MSCAN-L15 photogrammetry system)0.044 mm + 0.015 mm/m
Portable CMM T-ProbeOptionalSupport
Portable CMM T-ProbeSingle point repeatability0.030 mm
Part size range (Recommended)200 ~ 6000 mm
Stand-off distance300 mm
Depth of field 320 mm
Output formats.stl, .ply, .obj, .igs, wrl, .xyz, .dae, .fbx, .ma, .asc or customized
Operating temperature range-10°C ~ 40°C
Interface modeUSB 3.0

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