Automated Metrology

Metrology News recently reported that “The Robots are Coming!” following Industrial Robot based automated metrology solutions being showcased ‘solution of the future’ at the 2018 ‘Control’ Exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany, this week.

Control Robot Metrology

This solidifies Automated Metrology in its position as the most accurate and yet repetitive and highly efficient solution for engineers, with sights set on further improvements in the near future.  Metrology News describe how “Error mapping of the robot geometry inaccuracies, photogrammetry techniques or the dynamic tracking of robot actual positioning with external devices are currently the solutions being proposed by metrology suppliers to improve robot performance.”


External tracking of robot positioning utilizing optical or laser trackers is offered by Hexagon, Zeiss, Automated Precision, Creaform, among others. Most suppliers are claiming measurement accuracies in the 0.1mm range therefore limiting the focused application field to the production measurements of sheet-metal stampings, fabrications and castings at this time.”

Metrology Robot Scanning

The 3D measurement Company anticipated this development several years ago and invested in a facility capable of managing parts up to 2 tonnes in weight and 3 meters in length, so already have a fully automated system operational in the UK.

Our system is totally independent so if you want some more information regarding the potential use of our fully automated robotic system, please contact us on info@t3dmc or give us a call on 01746 762251.

Original Source: Metrology News