KSCAN 20 - Flexible Portable Metrology

KSCAN 20 | 3D hand held scanner

KSCAN 20 Handheld Scanner

A ground breaking 3D laser scanning system, the KSCAN 20 Handheld Scanner redefines capability without adding complexity. An unprecedented leap in system flexibility and a huge measurement volume pushes the boundaries of what a handheld 3D scanning system can do with this impressive system.

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KSCAN Magic is the first handheld 3d scanning system powerful enough to integrate photogrammetry, dual lasers, touch probe and intelligent edge detection.

Handheld 3D Scanning device
Kscan Magic

Accuracy and Detail with Speed and Flexibility

The KSCAN series offers a fundamental shift in the capability of handheld 3D scanning technology. Combining accuracy and detail with speed and flexibility, KSCAN is the perfect tool for capturing reliable 3D data for use in Reverse Engineering or Quality & Inspection applications

Portable 3D Scanning. Re Imagined.

Less than 1 minute viewing time

  • Built-in Photogrammetry – Volumetric accuracy up to 0.035mm/m. KSCAN makes scanning larger objects an easy and accurate process.
  • Faster Scanning Process – KSCAN works to optimise each part of scanning process and greatly reduces the cost of device; time spent scanning, time spent prepping parts and cost of consumables are all greatly reduced.
  • Two Laser Sources in One Scanner – Blue laser mode easily captures extreme details with 10μm resolution, Red laser mode introduces an incredible 600mm scanning window.
  • Probing Function – Measure holes, hidden points and features. A portable CMM with point repeatability of 0.03mm, KSCAN probe is a unique and powerful addition to the KSCAN series.
  • Intelligent Edge Detection – Grayscale value. KSCAN intelligently captures edge data for trim and
    holes for inspection against CAD nominal
  • User-Friendly – Elegant breathing light system. Visual feedback indicates the optimum scanning distance allowing for easy and stable measurement.

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