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A Wide Range of Reference Markers Awaits You in Our Online Shop!

Fast, reliable and professional, our new e-commerce shop is your one stop shop for all 3D scanning consumables, including our range of reflective markers.

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Tooling efficiency through 3D scanning

BorgWarner is an automotive components manufacturer dedicated to supporting its customers in their quest for clean propulsion and efficient technologies.

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Industry-leading 3D scanning capabilities for automotive applications

Vehicle design, manufacturing and after market product development rely heavily on accurate dimensional data to complete their projects on time. 

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3D Scanning: A Powerful Tool for Reverse Engineering

3D scanning is an invaluable tool for reverse engineering projects, simplifying and speeding up the entire process. We discuss how.

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T3DMC YouTube Channel Now Live!

We are excited to announce the launch of our brand-new YouTube channel!

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KSCAN Magic Sets the Bar for 3D Scanning Speed

T3DMC are proud to announce the launch of the KSCAN Magic 3D portable scanner, from ScanTech, to the UK market.

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Manchester Hospital trials iReal for facial reconstruction and prosthetics

North Manchester General Hospital (NMGH) has put the latest facial scanner from T3DMC through its paces to create facial reconstitution and prosthetics.

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The real value of in-house 3D scanning capabilities

Newby Foundries are gaining the competitive advantage by bringing 3D scanning capabilities in-house thorough the AXE handheld scanner. 

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3D Scanning for Formula 1 | Reverse Engineering Powered by KSCAN

T3DMC provided 3D scanning and reverse engineering for a unique project for Formula 1 cars, led by Tour de Force. 

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3D scanning brings sculptures to life

T3DMC provided 3D scanning services to local artist Jacob Chandler for his 'Dancer' series of sculptures. 

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Building Relationships for the Future Through 3D Scanning Services

T3DMC provided Grainger & Worrall 3D scanning services to supplement the company's existing resources and quicken time to market. 

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T3DMC expands thanks to Marches Grant

T3DMC provided 3D scanning services to Callum Design for the Aston Martin Vanquish limited edition model. With only 25 of these vehicles ever made, this project epitomises British design and engineering excellence. 

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