TRACKSCAN-SHARP, the next generation in Scantech’s optical 3D scanning solutions, taking large volume scanning to a whole new level. This innovative dot-free system, featuring a portable 3D scanner (i-Scanner) and an optical i-Tracker, is purpose-built for precise measurements of large-scale parts.

Shaping The Future of Large-Scale 3D Scanning

TRACKSCAN-SHARP revolutionises optical measurement by offering an unprecedented tracking distance of up to 6 metres and a volumetric range of 49 m3. With a remarkable volumetric accuracy of up to 0.049 mm (10.4 m3), this system brings precision and efficiency to a new level.

Equipped with the i-Tracker’s onboard processor for pre-computation, ultra-high 25-megapixel industrial cameras, and groundbreaking technologies. Combined with DLA technology, long-distance depth of field, and strong anti-interference capabilities. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of frequent tracker movement, TRACKSCAN-SHARP makes measuring large or multiple parts simultaneously effortless.

Enhanced Scanning Performance

TRACKSCAN-SHARP supports both wired and wireless data transfer, catering to diverse industrial applications and enhancing the ease of scanning. The wired mode complies with industrial measurement standards, while the optional wireless mode provides convenience with its plug-and-play operations.


TRACKSCAN - Enhanced Performance

Intelligent Edge Detection

TrackScan-Sharp i-Hole attachment

Furthermore, its compatibility with an auxiliary light module allows thorough inspection of holes and slots, making it a versatile tool for various tasks.This innovative 3D scanning system is designed to deliver efficient and stable measurements, contributing significantly to enhanced product development and quality control processes..


Scan More, More Efficiently

Thanks to its expansive measurement volume and robust edge measurement algorithm, TRACKSCAN-SHARP enables one-stop scanning of large-scale parts. This feature eliminates the need for users to frequently move the tracker, ensuring efficient, smooth, and precise measurements.The newly designed i-Tracker comes with an onboard processor for efficient image processing and real-time data computation, optimising scanned data and delivering outstanding performance. TRACKSCAN-SHARP delivers metrology-level, high-precision measurement results, meeting stringent metrological demands without compromising precision. Its large tracking volume facilitates the measurement of huge parts, significantly improving operational efficiency.


TRACKSCAN-SHARP Handheld 3D Scanner

Innovative Handheld Design

TRACKSCAN-SHARP’s unique design features aerospace-grade carbon fibre construction, ensuring durability for heavy use. The ergonomic handle of the i-Scanner and the intuitive light band of the i-Tracker contribute to a user-friendly experience, while the hollow grille design helps maintain temperature stability throughout the scanning process.


In summary, the introduction of TRACKSCAN-SHARP marks a new era in 3D scanning and measurement. This state-of-the-art system promises to revolutionise your operations with its precision, versatility, and efficiency.