Metronor Solo 3D Portable Scanner

Metronor Solo

Metronor SOLO is a portable CMM system based on Metronor’s patented principle that allows accurate 3D measurement with just one single camera and a handheld probe. Metronor Solo offers full CMM capability, including comparison of just about any geometry to CAD data or blueprint/drawing.

Metronor Solo Portable 3D Scanner: Key Features

  • Large volume capability
  • Extremely easy to use. Fast and simple to setup with no warm up time required
  • Probing of any detail including hidden and deeply recessed details
  • Excellent for planarity, parallelism, flatness and aligning of shafts
  • Complete system and truly portable
  • Wireless system for easy use
  • Can be upgraded to Metronor DUO Portable 3D Scanner
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Handheld Portable 3D Scan

The Metronor SOLO Portable 3D Scanner is ideally suited where fast setup, ease of use and high portability are critical. It has a superior working volume and can be operated through a wireless connection – without cumbersome arms to balance or cables to untangle.

Capable of measuring 15 meter sized objects (more with optional extras), Metronor SOLO is a flexible and cost efficient large volume solution with a wide variety of applications. The handheld probe is easy to use and measures features hidden from view by 450mm plus the probe length.

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