MSCAN Portable 3D Scanner

MSCAN Portable 3D Scanner

The MSCAN 3D scanner uses a precision industrial camera with real-time wireless data transfer to complete 3D measurements on the largest scale. Complete with integrated monitor and an accuracy of 0.02 mm/m the MSCAN is an extremely powerful 3D coordinate measurement device.

MSCAN Portable 3D Scanner: Key Features

  • Lightweight handheld system
  • Fully Portable design
  • Completely wireless
  • Independent of environmental conditions
  • Integrated monitor
  • Non contact measurement
  • Material independent
Portable Hand Held 3D Scanner
Portable 3D Scanner

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  • The MSCAN photogrammetry system uses a high resolution camera and utilises 2D images to help capture the 3D coordinates for use in a 3D scanning process
  • Compatible with PRINCE and HSCAN systems to be used in measurement and positioning when scanning large objects
  • Can also be used independently for measurement and geometric deformation of large objects
  • Self positioning system eliminating the need for external tracking devices
  • Used extensively in environmental condition testing and analysis to understand static deformation of
    components during extreme heating cycles
  • Capable of being used for quality control of large objects, e.g. aircraft, ships, wind turbines, etc
  • Ideal for verification and recording of jigs and fixtures

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