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3D Scanning with SIMSCAN | T3DMC

The Versatility of SIMSCAN – From Extraordinary Projects to Everyday Objects

3D scanning isn't just for extraordinary projects - it can be used to capture data for even the simplest every day objects!

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KSCAN 20 | 3D hand held scanner

KSCAN 3D Scanner: Using 3D Scanning Within Racing Car Design

Scantech have demonstrated the endless benefits of 3D scanning in their recent project to support racing car design and maintenance.

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3D Scanning for Railway | The 3D Measurement Company

How 3D Scanning Helps Rail Components Manufacturing

 At T3DMC we work extensively with rail industry manufacturers and provide 3D scanning for product development and quality control for components and moulds.

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3D Data | 3D Scanning Vs Traditional CMM

Why Use 3D Scanning Over Traditional CMM & Tactile Measurement Systems

There are many benefits of using 3D scanning over traditional CMM methods - in this blog we take a look at the differences and benefits.

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3D Scanning Applications | T3DMC

How does 3D scanning work?

If you’ve never incorporated 3D scanning into your in-house projects, it may sound like a complex topic. We’ve put together an explanation of how 3D scanning works and how 3D scanning – and scanning data – can help support your projects.

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Architecture Restoration through 3D Scanning | T3DMC

The Use of 3D Scanning in Architectural Restoration

When people think of 3D scanning, architecture isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind but there are multiple benefits to the 3D digitisation of buildings and structures.

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Tomb Raider 3D Model | 3D Printing and 3D Scanning

3D Printing Brings Lara Croft to Life

TCT Magazine discuss how Weta Workshop used 3D printing and scanning to bring Lara Croft to life as part of Tomb Raider’s 25th anniversary.

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Adam Stanley showcasing 3D Scanners | Advanced Engineering UK 2021 | T3DMC

New 3D Scanners Shine at Advanced Engineering

Advanced Engineering UK was back this year with T3DMC in attendance showcasing our range of 3D scanners.

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Scantech 3D Scanning | Dinosaur Fossils Brought to Life

3D Scanning Technology Brings Dinosaur Fossil Back to Life

ScanTech’s innovative Trackscan 3D scanner has been used to bring a 190-million dinosaur fossil back to life through 3D digitalisation.

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TCT 3Sixty | T3DMC Enjoy Success at TCT

TCT 3Sixty Event Recap

After 2 years of waiting, we were elated to return to exhibitions! Here's what we got up to at TCT 3Sixty, which was held this September.

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Classic Car | Classic Motor Cars

Reviving a Classic Jaguar from 1954

We worked with Classic Motor Cars (CMC) to help restore a on-of-a-kind Jaguar XK120, with the use of 3D scanning and reverse engineering.

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Is 3D Scanning Expensive

Is 3D scanning expensive?

One of the questions our engineers are frequently asked is whether 3D scanning is an expensive process. In our new video, we answer this question.

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