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Merging the digital world with the physical world, Porsche Production 4.0 is the natural evolution of the current production system. Augmented reality is being used to discover precise information about individual components quickly in Porsche’s quality centre. Work steps can be displayed on a tablet with added computer-generated information. Even minor discrepancies from the standard are diagnosed rapidly making it clear to see where body part fit issues occur.

Quality control measuring

Optical quality control measuring is used to check the body parts quickly and accurately. Every component is fully digitalised and measured in three dimensions. The entire component is extensively plotted in a high resolution cloud, which has been recorded by a laser scan. Up to 16 million points are recorded by scan. Anomalies between each body point and the as-designed 3D CAD data can be determined in a minimal amount of time. Using the digitised data anomalies are also visualised exactly by 3D representation.

Conventional templates are no longer required for correct bolt positioning – instead, a laser system has been put in its place. The projected laser image allows the positions of the bolts to be adjusted quickly, dispensing the time necessary and cost intensive production of new bolt templates.

The Panamera side-panel frame is produced from aluminium rather than steel; a line laser scanning sensor guides the automated roll hemming process implemented combing the soft aluminium alloy with hot-formed steel to optimum effect.

Source – Metrology News

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