The 3D Management Company

Here at The 3D Measurement Company (T3DMC), we’re always looking to improve how we work so we can continue to add value to our customers and their 3D projects. The latest improvement we’ve invested in is a new system we call “Pathway”.

What is Pathway?

This bespoke software has been developed in partnership with a software design and development company and the first phase has been implemented at the company’s headquarters in Bridgnorth, Shropshire.

Pathway incorporates a business planning tool which aligns directly with the company calendar system to ensure all customer projects are organised and managed with maximum efficiency.

What does Pathway do for the team?

The software will enable the T3DMC team to monitor all customer projects closely ensuring the timings are met as agreed. Crucially, it also has the ability to align internal resources, both for equipment and individual engineers, to each project with the built-in feature to spot clashes in the calendars. In this instance, the system will automatically offer alternative timing slots which will ensure that resourcing problems won’t occur on time-sensitive projects.

Pathway has the ability to book-out project slots in each of the team members calendars so that everyone knows where they are working, on what project, using what equipment, every day of the week. Overall, this system gives a wider overview of each project in the business.

The project management function of Pathway also enables us to send regular project status updates to our customers in the form of ‘traffic light’ Gantt charts where green is a completed task, amber is ongoing and red for non completed. This allows our customers to see exactly where we are up to with their project at any moment in time. We review the status directly with the customers at scheduled meetings or web conferences and can show them a live view of the software as it is easily accessible by the team by using an internet link.

T3DMC 3D Scanning Service Pathway

What do we think of the system?

When asked about the benefits of the Pathway software to The 3D Measurement Company, Managing Director Adam Stanley had this to say “The launch of Pathway is a major development for the future of our growing business and will ensure we have a robust planning and business management system in place for many years to come. The business is a lot bigger now than when Neal Taylor – Technical Director – and I established it 6 years ago and we needed to make sure that our expanding team had a clear way of knowing what projects we are working on now and what is in the plan for the next few weeks ahead. A key function of Pathway software is that it enables us to deliver complex projects to our customers accurately and on time”.

“Our customers will benefit from the software as well because Phase 2 of Pathway development is the launch of a bespoke project management tool which will have customer portal access directly through our website to enable them to check on the progress of their projects as they pass through our system.”

We believe that by continuing to invest in internal systems and processes, we can offer the very best 3D engineering solutions for our customers. We’re dedicated to providing the best fit solution for all of our customers and this system will help us improve the management of multiple projects efficiently and effectively.

So whether you need personal support with your 3D measurement projects or are interested in investing in your own equipment, we can help you along every step of the way.

Our goal is to give our customers a single source, trusted, 3D engineering solution that they can rely on to help solve their manufacturing challenges.

For more information about this project or how we can support you, please contact the T3DMC team on 01746 762251 or by email at